Minor Requirements

Minor Requirements

Requirements Effective as of June 1, 2013. If you started the minor prior to that date your requirements may be different. Contact the History advisor for older requirements.

To complete a History minor, students must:             

  1. Earn 21 credits in History courses with grades of C- or better.  (Usually 7 three-credit courses) Courses intended to count for the minor may not be taken on a pass-fail basis.
  2. Earn at least 12 of those 21 credits in upper-division History courses.  (Usually 4 three-credit courses)
  3. Earn at least 12 of their 21 total credits and 6 of their 12 upper-division credits in History courses taught by the CU-Boulder faculty.
  4. Maintain a 2.00 (C) grade point average in all CU History courses.  All History courses taken at any CU campus, even ones not applied to minor requirements, are figured into the minor GPA.
  5. Fulfill the Geographic Distribution requirement by earning at least 3 credits (one course) in each of the four following geographic areas:  The United States, Europe, World Areas (specific countries or regions outside of U.S. or Europe), and Global or Comparative. 

Additional Information about the minor program

  • While 2000-level History courses can fulfill minor requirements, minors should try to avoid taking them as they are design for non-majors and non-minors.
  • 4000-level History courses may be used to fulfill both upper-division hours and geographic distribution requirements.
  • HIST 3020 Historical Thinking and Writing and the 3000-level Senior Seminars are restricted to majors only, unless the course is not full after registration is complete.  The History advisor will let you know if there are open seats. All other HIST courses are open to majors and minors.
  • Courses taken for Core Curriculum credit are applicable to the minor.

If you want to go to a worksheet to help you with your minor planning follow this link:
History Minor Checklist (Note: this is a fillable .pdf which you can save and edit.).

If you are not a History Minor and would like to become one, please make an appointment to see the Undergraduate Advisor.